Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Tempest Arnold

Long lines. Low prices. New items.

This is what people might see while Black Friday shopping after Thanksgiving dinner. WCHS students are looking for deals to get for themselves, family, friends, or even their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Black Friday shopping usually takes place Thursday around six after Thanksgiving dinner and on Friday. Friends and family gather together to go shopping in the madness to get the deals. Why do WCHS students do this? For fun? Just to hang out? Forty-six out of the 55 WCHS students polled on Nov. 9 said they would go out into the madness instead of online shopping.

“I like when people get chaotic with me,” senior Kylan Berry said. He said that’s why the madness doesn’t bother him.

According to Real Simple’s article “How to Get the Best Deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Beyond”, last year on Black Friday, 77 million consumers did their buying in-store.

Some shopping tips include: make a list; write down everything you plan on getting; map out which stores have the best deals; have a backup plan in case that store doesn’t have what you needed.

Cyber Monday takes place online the Monday after Thanksgiving. You can just wake up and shop while you’re still in your PJs! Who wants to stay in all day shopping? How could you buy clothes or shoes you haven’t tried on yet? “I hate having to stand in long lines and having to fight over one little thing when I could just sit in my bed and buy things for around the same price,” said junior Nevaeha Middleton.

Last year, Cyber Monday brought in $6.59 billion for retailers according to Real Simple’s website. Some shopping tips for shopping online: look for deals on shipping, don’t get fooled by scams, and read the return policy because you never know exactly how something looks from pictures online. If you don’t like it and the store doesn’t have a return policy, you’ll just be wasting money.