Owen Cox and Tristan Dillon, West Carrollton sneaker enthusiasts,
Mrs. Lohns room,
Feb. 16th, 2019

Sneaking Into Style

April 19, 2019

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Tempest Arnold

November 16, 2018

Long lines. Low prices. New items. This is what people might see while Black Friday shopping after Thanksgiving dinner. WCHS students are looking for deals to get for themselves, family, friends, or even their boyfriend or gir...

Thanksgiving Traditions at WCHS

Janae Applin

November 16, 2018

Turkey. Traveling. Black Friday shopping. These are the things people love about Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving Day, on Nov. 22 this year, is an important time during the year. This is the time of year where families gather, ...

Most Outstanding Senior Boys

Autumn Luthman, Staff Editor

May 24, 2018

Every year, seniors and faculty vote for top 10 senior girls and boys for recognition in the senior issue of The Hook school newspaper. The seniors voted were nominated because of the positive way they represent WCHS inside and ...

QPT and Valentine's Day

QPT and Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2018

Snappin’ The Facts

Autumn Luthman, Staff Editor

February 9, 2018

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are widely-loved social media pages. Just seven years ago, Snapchat was added into the bunch, and has flourished since. However, like any other social media platform, there are some pros and cons th...

If the Sweatshirt Fitz

If the Sweatshirt Fitz

December 13, 2017

Halloween Scares

Felicia Smith, Staff Writer

October 30, 2017

Halloween is a fun night to dress up and receive candy for saying “Trick or Treat.” This year, Halloween falls on a Tuesday. WCHS kids will be at school, but on the weekends lots of teens enjoy haunted houses where they are p...

April Horoscopes

Lauren Woods

April 14, 2017

Aries: (March 21 - April 19) April will attract beautiful people and things for you. This month is a great time to soak in love and affection, spend time with loved ones, date, and socialize with friends. This will also be a ...