So Long and Farewell



Class of 2017 Seniors at the WCHS assembly from this year showing their Pirate pride!

Tatyana Mays

As the seniors final months here at WCHS approach, The Class of 2017 reminisces back on all the times they’ve had and the memories they’ll be leaving behind on the fateful day: May 25.

For some of us, our high school journey is just beginning, while for others it’s coming to an end. Some are excited to go, and other’s just aren’t ready to move on. Each student has their own individual thoughts on high school and what they will or won’t miss.

Senior Ian Brush who recently moved here from Lakota West, a school district north of Cincinnati, said that he is kind of sad to be leaving here so soon. Brush says of all his high school years, senior year has definitely gone by the fastest. As he looks back, the one thing he wished he did differently was focus more, and that’s the advice he leaves for underclassmen coming in to high school. “Get involved, stay positive and work hard,” said Brush. The one thing Ian is going to miss is the “laid back” aura of high school, though he says he’s also going to miss his friends.

Upon graduation Brush plans to attend Miami Regionals for electrical engineering.

On a completely different side is senior Rylee Engleman who is excited to be leaving. “It’s my favorite thing about this year,” she said. Despite the fact that Engelman is excited for her departure, she said she would do [highschool] all over again, because it would give her to do all the things she’d wish had, like going to dances, games, and participating in extracurricular activities.

Another thing that Engelman is gonna miss about high school is its “structure.” Engelman said “in college the choices are endless, here you have seven classes and you know what you’re doing.” Although college options are endless, Engelman seems to have a clear understanding of what she wants to do in college, which is to study in the medical field.

High school is something in life that everyone has to go through and experience; and though you may not like it, it’s always good to try and make the best of the few years you’ll have here.