Coming to a school near you

Sidney Ison

WCHS will add a new science class to the course of studies next year. The new class will be forensic science and will be taught by science teacher Mrs. Samantha Lohn.

Mrs. Lohn was the one who initially thought about bringing the forensics science class to WCHS. She took a forensics class in college and has been interested in the subject ever since. As of now, she is the only teacher who will teach the class.

Forensics science is a semester long class. You must have passed physical science and biology if students wish to take this class.

In this class students will learn a lot about how real `forensics works and will be doing a lot of hands on labs, such as blood spatter, and fingerprints.

“It’s much cooler than CSI,” said Mrs. Lohn, referencing the hit crime show about forensics. She is really excited for people to see how this applies to the things you see in crime T.V. shows like CSI.

Students should expect the class to be a little challenging, but also very fun and exciting. There will also be some guest speakers that work in different fields of forensics. They will be leading activities or speaking about their professions that might involve a case of some sort to give the students a better understanding of what working in forensics is like in the real world.

If any students want to study forensics in college, this class will help them get prepared and give students a basic background about forensics. This class will be a very fun and interesting class, not just for the students want to major forensics in college, but also for the students who are interested and simply want to take the class. If there are students who have extra time in their schedule or haven’t decided which class to take yet, forensics could be the one.