You Had Me At Aloha!


Grace Kirk

WCHS Homecoming, 2017.

Charlie Martin, Staff Writer

WCHS hosted Homecoming in the WCHS gymnasium on Friday, Oct. 7.  

This year, WCHS administrative assistant Mrs. Melissa Fields was chosen as the lead organizer for Homecoming.

Many people, upon the initial reveal of the theme for Homecoming, “You Had Me At Aloha,” seemed a bit disappointed and confused with the choice. Mrs. Fields said that a senior meeting was held and she provided roughly four to five choices, and seniors who attend the meeting voted for their favorites and selected a finalist between the two most popular themes.

The initial lack of chaperones was a big deal and was concerning to everyone involved in arranging Homecoming. Mrs. Fields said, “It’s kind of disheartening to see,” regarding the lack of volunteers, because many staff members didn’t even respond to her email asking for help. Luckily, there were enough volunteers by the end of the week.

Senior Briana Kennison, a member of the Homecoming Committee, said that she decided to join the committee because she wanted something to do and she likes helping out. There aren’t any prerequisites to join Homecoming Committee, they always need all the help they can get. Participation is very necessary when you join, and you have to actively work on the decorating and organization process, depending on your schedule.

When asked about the somewhat-controversial dress code application for this year’s dance, Kennison said that it seemed a bit ridiculous, and that several teachers also disagreed with the decision. She said that she even told her parents about the dress code and they said it was silly to put that kind of restriction on something like Homecoming.

After Homecoming was over, Mrs. Fields said that she thought it went very well, and she got some feedback from students that thought likewise. Attendance numbers were phenomenal, about 518 tickets were sold and only 5 people didn’t show up.

Despite this, there was one thing that Mrs. Fields believed could’ve been arranged better; she thinks that snacks should be kept somewhere besides the gym, because there were incidences of cups and snacks being left on the floor and two people slipped and fell due to drinks that spilled.

She ended off by saying that, if possible, she would love to keep the position for next year, and she wanted to give a huge thanks to all of the committee members and everyone that helped out in process.