Grimm Brothers Come to WCHS

Autumn Luthman, Student Life Editor

Come receive your dose of comedy at this years fall play. WCHS will be hosting “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” the weekend of Oct. 28th, in the Guiler auditorium.

Directors Mrs. Emily McGuff and Mrs. Nicole Ingram are very excited to be in charge of the play this year. Mrs. McGuff and Mrs. Ingram have been working alongside each other for the last three years, and this will be their third production together. However, Mrs. Ingram had been involved in directing, assistant directing and co-directing plays and musicals since 1996 at numerous other school districts prior to wokring at WCHS.

WCHS students will be able to see a free preview of “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” on Friday, Oct. 27, and everyone is able to go see this play on Friday and Saturday night at 7p.m., and on Sunday at 2p.m.

This year’s fall play was chosen at the end of last year, it was one of many choices, but Mrs. Mcguff said this one just stuck out. This is because of  “the fun-loving actors and actresses we have were perfect for a silly smashing of Grimm Brothers’ fairytales,” said Mrs. McGuff.

According to Playscripts website, The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are turned on their heads in this fast-paced, rollicking ride as two narrators and several actors attempt to combine all 209 stories ranging from classics like Snow White, Cinderella, and Hansel and Gretel to more bizarre, obscure stories like The Devil’s Grandmother and The Girl Without Hands. A wild, free-form comedy with lots of audience participation and madcap fun.

These actors and actresses have a lot on their hands with this one. For example, one actor will be playing many parts, one being a flock of birds. However, these students actors/actresses are amazing at what they do and will be able to put on an astonishingly funny school production. There are two casts, each with ten student actors/actresses that are behind this showing of “The Brothers Grimm.”

There will be students asked to help behind the scenes with props, costume, set, lighting and sound. All these students have yet to be grouped together at the same time so it is unknown how many are helping out.

Our WCHS fall plays have seen many talented students walk the stage, but the best part is the behind the scene bonds. Mrs. McGuff says “I absolutely love that our cast often becomes very close. We grow into a tight-knit family who loves each other and enjoys nothing more than acting ridiculously dramatic together.”