Pirate Spirit On the Move

Jayla Shepherd, Staff Writer

WCHS Student Council recently created a new way to support our Pirate sports teams. The spirit bus is a new, innovative way for students to bring Pirate pride to the away football games.

Student Council previously tried to set this up for the Sidney and Xenia varsity games, but they canceled the trip. Student council advisor, Ms. PJ Babb said “Sidney was cancelled because the boys and girls soccer teams had games that evening and the band went to Toledo for a competition.” Twenty students are needed to make the trip possible, if twenty students do not sign up then WCHS Principal, Mr. Myers will cancel the trip. Students also have a problem paying the $5 fee and their $8 to enter the game. According to NeighborhoodScouts.com 64.1% of our students are economically disadvantaged. Which is a big factor in why the students aren’t buying tickets.   

The spirit bus is not for profit, but is for the students to support each other. There is a $5 fee for each student to cover some cost, such as paying the bus drivers and gas. Also when the students arrive to the school they would pay for their ticket to get into the game. In the main office students can sign up for the bus and take an emergency medical form. They would need to return that form with their $5 to the athletic department.

WCHS Senior Student Body President, Jada Brown thinks “The spirit bus would not only succeed in showing our team that we support them heavily, but also show other GWOC schools that we have great school spirit and the most supportive student body, win or lose.” As of now the spirit bus is discontinued for the rest of the football season. It may make an appearance  during basketball season.