Halloween Scares

Felicia Smith, Staff Writer

Halloween is a fun night to dress up and receive candy for saying “Trick or Treat.” This year, Halloween falls on a Tuesday. WCHS kids will be at school, but on the weekends lots of teens enjoy haunted houses where they are purposely scared.

WCHS freshman student Chad Terril said that Land of Illusion in Middletown is the place to go. “I like the haunted houses there the best.”

According to Land of Illusion’s website, they have 4 haunted houses. To Terril and junior Serenity Speck, it’s not about the way a haunted house looks, but what’s coming at them. Terril said “It’s when the people get in my face and yell” that scares him. Unfortunately for Terril, as soon as the actors know that’s what scares him, they don’t stop.

For Speck her fear at the haunted houses are a little different:“It’s when people are running at me, or if they pop out of somewhere I didn’t see them coming from. If they’re just walking around casually they don’t bother me.”

More fun local Halloween attractions are Tom’s Maze in Germantown, The Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati and The Haunt at Kings Island in Mason.

Both Terril and junior Peyton Winand said that dressing up for Halloween isn’t too important anymore. If you do need a last minute costume, according to Allure, the number one Halloween costume for this year is Pennywise the clown from “IT.” Number two is Eleven from “Stranger Things” and number three is Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.”