Personal records broken in XC Season

T.J. Williams

This season for Tre Nixon and the rest of the WCHS cross country team has been really good. The team has broken a lot of personal running records.

Nixon’s personal running record is 17:43.9 which put him at number one in the American South Division. This takes a lot of stamina.

Before a race, Nixon eats a healthy snack. He also eats mustard packets so he doesn’t get any cramps. His pre-run rituals consist of getting himself mentally prepared, clearing his thoughts, and doing some striders (a short run to get your strides ready for a race and your muscles warm) to get warmed up.

Coach Kristi Betz helps him out by telling him who to pass during the race. Ms. Rachel Baker is the team’s assistant coach.

Members of the cross country team include: senior captains Caitlin Collinsworth and Bradley Retherford, junior Owen Cox, freshman Zach Sorio, freshman Shundrick Parker,  junior Michael Lacey, freshman Hayden Caskey, senior Ashley Juarez and junior Amber Pauley.

At the GWOC District Championship on Saturday, Oct. 14, the boys team competed at Centerville High School and placed 17th out of 19 teams.

Parker ran his season personal record (23:01.7) at the District race on Saturday, Oct. 21.