This Club has ‘SPIRIT’


Jake Boyd

Nate Mundy – Spirit Club President

Jake Boyd, Staff Writer

This year, junior Nathaniel Mundy and club advisor Ms. Tabitha Nolan created the Spirit Club to help support student events-such as sports and musical proceedings–all around WCHS.

Mundy said that the Spirit Club’s purpose is to increase attendance at any events that would benefit from student spirit like sports and musical performances.

Student section attendance has been very low for sports other than football. For example, volleyball games only receive about five to ten students according to volleyball player Autumn Luthman. Eventually, Mundy hopes that future senior spirit captains will be in charge of the club. However, this year, he plans to lead the group.

Ms. Nolan hopes to build a community within the club. “The purpose is to create a new environment for WCHS,” said Ms. Nolan. This club expects to create posters to hang up for upcoming events around the hallways, and also sending encouraging messages to all the players.

Not only does the club want to increase spirit as a whole, they also plan to raise money to support the school climate. For instance, Mundy wants to start fundraising with Booster Bars to raise money to sponsor the spirit bus, so no one has to pay to go on the bus. Other funding will go to buying posters, spirit gear, etc.

Mundy and Ms. Nolan said they do not know for sure if the club will meet once a week, however, once they get an idea of how many students are in the club, they will decide how often they will meet.

Overall, the main idea of this club is to promote how much the students of WCHS love their school. They aren’t just promoting pirate pride to other schools and West Carrollton citizens, but to our student body. This club is a reminder to every student, that no matter if you are the most popular kid in your grade, or the most shy student: you can join this club, and be a part of a club to create a better community. The Spirit Club plans to meet every Thursday after school in room 216.