Goals for Charity

Autumn Luthman, Staff Editor

Senior Caden Fergison organized a boys vs. girls soccer game during 7th period on Thursday, Nov. 2 to raise money for the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

The game took place at the DOC Stadium and students paid $1 admission to get out of 7th period and watch the game.

According to the U.S Soccer Foundations website, “The U.S Soccer Foundation awards grants on both an annual basis and through a rolling process (Safe Places to Play grants) to support soccer programs and field-building initiatives nationwide. Grants are provided to support all aspects of the beautiful game – from assisting programs with operational costs to creating Safe Places to play.”

This event took over a month to plan and the date was changed multiple times. Fergison said his love for soccer influenced his decision for what he should do for his senior capstone project. “I thought ‘what better way to help raise money for a good cause then  to have a soccer charity match to help get people involved?” Fergison said.  

The boys won the game 8-0. The event was originally for soccer players, but two people – senior Haley Griffith and senior Jordan Joseph – joined because the rosters were not full.

Fergison said  he knew the boys were going to win by as much as they did before the game started because they “had a better plan and better players.”

“I would love to see this be an annual event because it had such a good turnout and plenty of people had a great time and it was for a good cause so it’s nice to see people care so much,” Fergison said.  

The event raised  $425, a good amount of money for the U.S. Soccer Foundation.