If the Sweatshirt Fitz


Josh Kimberlin, Staff Writer

T-Shirts. Hoodies. Sweatpants. You can get unique WCHS designs on all of these articles of clothing thanks to the school store. At the head of the store (since the start of the 2016-17 school year) has been business teacher Mr. Scott Fitzgerald.

As of this year, the store also has a printing press available to them. This press is located right here at the high school and allows the store staff to print their designs onto clothes for greater convenience of the students. “Other than a few bumps in the road it has been a pretty good experience so far,” Mr. Fitzgerald said when asked about setting up the printing press.

The students in charge of running the store act independently, for the most part. Mr. Fitzgerald acts as a supervisor and manager, which allows students to get the full store experience. The students also make all of the designs available on the clothes in the store. That means that every bright, colorful print from the store you see has been thought up, printed, and sold right here in our own school.

The store isn’t limited to just students, however. English teacher Mrs. Beth Mitchell went through the store this year to get custom shirts for the Powder Puff game and would like to continue ordering through the school. She loves the convenience the store offers, and that she doesn’t have to handle the students’ money if they want to buy a shirt for an event or organization. “I like the fact that I can put in a request to Mr. Fitzgerald and he will get these kids on it like right then and there,” Mrs. Mitchell said.

So stop by and support our school store! Get decked out in Pirate gear and showcase your pride for our school district. Let all of your classmates and peers see your pirate spirit.