WCHS Spirit Decline

Sports Column



Students cheering at the 2017 homecoming game at our home field against Fairmont. Students dressed tropical and screamed with spirit.

Felicia Smith, Staff Writer

        Students are not thrilled. The hallways are bland and the stands are empty. One too many times, I have heard students talk down about West Carrollton. But during pep rallies, students are jumping and screaming. It’s all about the Pirate sword. Each class tries to win. So during a football game, why can’t we get more students to show their spirit?

       The spirit is gone at WCHS. For example, at WCHS it has been a tradition not to  step on the Pirate Ship. Counselor Ms. Brittany Brown said it has been a tradition since before 1995, the year she graduated and she believes “it  has been a tradition since the school opened.” The tradition has died. I haven’t heard anyone say not to step on it once this year. I see students walking over it every day.

        According to a survey conducted on March 3, 90% of students voted that more pep rallies would increase school spirit. Others voted for school pep rallies outside of school, decorated hallways and decorated parking spots. Students also said they believed cheaper ticket prices, more student participation and better game themes would increase school spirit.  On We are Teachers’ website, they have a list of ideas to help schools with spirit, including a poster contests! This would get the hallways decorated. Decorating the hallways is a great way to influence spirit, but we need students to be respectful to them.

         If students really want our school to change, then students need to change. Pep rallies outside of school could be held right after school in the parking lot or in the field next to the stadium. Our tailgates are great, but not many students participate. At the time of the tailgate the football players are getting ready to play, so holding it right after school would be beneficial.

        Some students refuse to play school sports because we don’t always win. Newsflash: other schools lose too. Non-participating students say they’re “too good” to play for our school, but if you’re not playing for the school or a select team, then it’s obvious you’re out of practice and aren’t as good as you think you are. So there really isn’t any excuse for why you can’t play for WCHS. Saying you have to work isn’t a good excuse either. I have two jobs and still get to practice every day on time. If the passion for a sport is there, you’ll be there.

         At our recent Student vs. Staff basketball game, the stands were filled with every grade and every student was cheering for a teacher or another student. Every point made had students screaming. If we had the same participation at any school sports functions, our teams could potentially be more encouraged to score.