Senior exam excemptions

Moniece Guerin, Staff Writer

The seniors face a more rigorous exam policy this year. Announced at the beginning of the school year, the Class of 2019 will be held to the same exam exemption policy as underclassmen.

The senior requirement used to be that all seniors could exempt a semester exam simply by passing both quarters.

Last year, an exemption policy for the rest of the student body was introduced. The requirement is that students have to meet an 80% grade in their classes each quarter. They also have to meet absence and behavior requirements. The exemption policy allows WCHS students to exempt the district’s semester exams, but only if they meet the requirements. This year, seniors have to meet the same requirements as the rest of the students.

“I don’t think it’s fair. We should have the same opportunities that last year’s seniors had” senior Kayla Northcutt said. Northcutt feels that the policy is a disadvantage to seniors because now they have to take on responsibilities in order to exempt the exams that last year’s seniors didn’t have.

Assistant principal Mr. Dorian Glover said “The new changes provides seniors incentive for both discipline, attendance and academics.” Mr. Glover feels that the old policy was not fair to the students who already work hard in school to get good grades.

Even with opposing opinions, when asked if any changes can or should be made to the policy Northcutt and Mr. Glover agreed on keeping the change, because making repeated changes to the policy would make the school dysfunctional.