WCHS welcomes new assistant principal

D'ONika Works, Staff Writer

Mr. Dorian Glover is one of of the new assistant principals at WCHS this year. He is at our  school to better the school and also find opportunity.

He came from elementary school Frank Nicholas. He taught in Dayton for 13 years and has been in the West Carrollton City Schools district for four.

Mr. Glover comes from a family with four brothers. He has one daughter who is two and is not married.

Mr. Glover said he decided to work at the high school because “This is the most important time in a student’s life.” He said differences he notices from elementary school compared to high school is that the problems are a lot more serious with students, he’s learning to adjust to the high school–and the high school is a lot bigger than Frank Nicholas.

Mr. Glover also said he sees himself here in the future.