Thanksgiving Traditions at WCHS

Janae Applin

Turkey. Traveling. Black Friday shopping.

These are the things people love about Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving Day, on Nov. 22 this year, is an important time during the year. This is the time of year where families gather, spend time together and enjoy good food.  

WCHS families and students are spending their Thanksgiving break celebrating different traditions. Senior Mackenzie Bush shares her Thanksgiving break traditions: “For Thanksgiving I go to Illinois with my dad’s side of our family. One of the days during that week every year we have a fish fry and my family gathers together and spends time.” Bush says, “I’m not there for long but when I go, I do have a good time. We do this every year. It started with my grandparents.”

“I believe Thanksgiving is about relaxing and spending time with family. We get together and play games, we play a lot of card games,” says English teacher Mr. Ryan Grove. Although Mr. Grove believes in relaxing, he also love eating during his break. “We don’t do it anymore, but we use to kill our turkey ourselves and a machine would spin it real fast to pluck the feathers,” says Mr. Grove.

Social studies teacher Ms. PJ Babb also has her own family traditions. “I have a large family of girls so we all bring food for our annual dinner so it doesn’t all fall on one person.  We always say what we are thankful for before we say grace,” says Ms. Babb.

Going Black Friday shopping is a fun part of the holiday season for some of our WCHS students and staff. Ms. Babb says, “The girls in my family always go through the Black Friday ads and make plans for what we are going to go shopping for the next day, yet we actually NEVER go shopping.  It’s become a tradition now that we decide what we would like to buy but we never go because of the crowds.”

Along with spending time with family, traditions like eating turkey, traveling and going Black Friday shopping make Thanksgiving break fun.