Selecting Electives


Tempest Arnold

Mrs. Karr cylcing with her 7th period class. Every Monday and Wedensday from 2:04 to 2:55.

Tempest Arnold, Staff Writer

WCHS has about 70 different semester class you can choose from. What new classes can you take when you register for classes next month? Do you like to cook? Take Food and Wellness. Do you want to be on the school announcements? Take Broadcast News.

Four great semester electives you could take next year are: Food and Wellness taught by Mrs. Judith Greisinger, The Court and You taught by Ms. PJ Babb, Broadcast News taught by Mrs. Emily Earl and Personal Fitness taught by Mrs. Gail Karr.  In each of these classes you will gain a life skill. You can sign up for any of these classes by talking to your counselors.

Every class you take has something in common: they all can be fun! But, it’s what you make of it. If you pay attention and apply yourself, then you will enjoy going to the class.

If you’re thinking about taking Mrs. Greisinger’s Food and Wellness, you learn skills you will most likely need later in life, and skills that can help you have fun even if you’re just hanging out at home. “I learned the that a turner and a spatula are two different things. [I also] learned how to make pancakes. It’s really fun!” senior Melinda Owens said. The bubbly Mrs. Greisinger also teachers Fashion & Design and Child Development, two other semester electives.

Mrs. Greisinger likes to think the most important thing about any of her classes is that “once you hop out the door, you take the skills with you.”

The Court and You is taught by Ms. PJ Babb. She’s one of the more “mom” teachers. You can go to her and talk about anything, even if it’s personal. If you need help in her class she will work with you to get anything done as long as your willing to get the work done. Ms. Babb said this class is for anybody that has an interest in law or the legal system and anybody who wants to learn about cases where rights were violated. Alos, if you’re class is very well-behaved, you get to go down to the court.

Broadcast News and Advertising is taught by Mrs. Earl. Mrs. Earl is also considered a “mom” teacher. This makes her class so much fun and easier to understand. If you like being the center of attention, or just like being in front of the camera, you could be anchor. If you like editing videos or being behind the scenes, you could be a tech director in this class. Also, you get to pair up with a real news crew, MVCC. In this class, you get to work with MVCC to record a basketball game. Mrs. Earl also teaches Graphic Design,Videography and Yearbook.

Personal Fitness is taught by Mrs. Kerr. She pushes to you to be as fit as you want to become. Because every student is different, in this class Mrs. Kerr tries to do different exercises each day. One day she might have the class in the weight room and the next you could be doing yoga. Every person’s body is different and students want to work on different things, so Mrs. Kerr tries to work that all into the class. Also, this class is at the end of the day so you don’t have to walk around school sweaty and it’s all-girls so you will feel comfortable.  

If you have any questions you can always ask your counselor or go straight to the teacher of the class you are interested in. So many students have the mindset “I’m just trying graduate,” so they only take classes they need. Don’t be that person. Taking semester classes gives you the opportunity to get closer to your friends and talk to people you never have before.