Arrrr You Talented?


Tempest Arnold

Guile Auditorium, where all theatrical events are held during and after school. The empty seats above will be overflowed by the whole student body on March 21, day of in-school talent show.

Gary Buckner , Staff Writer

There’s so much talent in WCHS that it takes a show to display it all. WCHS’ annual talent show is around the corner and students are ready to show off their skills. The show will be on March 21, in the high school’s auditorium.

Art teacher, Mrs. Heather Pinto, and administrative assistant, Mrs. Melissa Fields, will be advising the show together this year. They are mainly in charge of  “mixing up singing, dancing and other acts to eliminate repetition” according to Mrs. Fields. Mrs Fields and Mrs. Pinto are open to all talents, making it convenient to have new acts to add and mix in the order of performances. “It’d be nice to have a different type of act, like a magic tricks or other hidden talents from students,” said Mrs. Fields.

Mrs. Fields has run the talent show for three years now. “Mrs. Pinto was doing it at the time, a few years back, and asked me to do it with her. It looked like fun so I decided to do it.” she said. Advisors have several responsibilities, such as making audition sign up sheets, distributing audition flyers and deciding the order of which students perform.

While advisors have a lot to do with the progression of the talent show, “students are the ones actually in charge of judging the auditions,” said Mrs. Fields. She went on to say that the first 15 students, with approval from their teachers, will judge who performs.

Auditioning and performing both can be very stressful for the students of WCHS.  This is the first time trying out for the show for some students and the last time for others. Senior Shanelle Parker is excited to end her last talent show, performing her favorite talent. “Dancing lets me express myself in a way that people enjoy watching.”  

Parker went on to say she can dance anywhere and everywhere, no matter who’s watching.  Her confidence won’t let anything get in the way of her passion. “ I like to see people smile when they see me having fun on stage, it makes my day.”