Don’t Be Late for the Debate!


Erecca Liva

The new debate team meets in Ms. Baker’s room.

Janae Applin, Hook Staff

Voicing opinions. Choosing a side. Coming together.

WCHS staff and students have started a Debate Club! The club will have their first formal debate over providing contraceptives in school in early May. Senior Nathaniel Mundy is part of the club and says, “It takes a long time to form the arguments and things to debate about, but when the time comes this debate will be big.”

The advisers that help run this club are Mr. Matthew Reynolds, Ms. Rachel Baker, and Ms. Taylor McNally. Mr. Reynolds says that when he was in high school, Debate Club helped him become better at public speaking and build his confidence.

Earlier this year, the advisers assisted the students in a quick debate over whether we should have closed lunches and taught them how to format a debate. Between the advisers and a few students speaking with our principal Mrs. Candice Haffner, they were able to get this club started. Mr. Reynolds says, “We can debate on topics that are local, regional, national, or global issues that the students feel strongly about.” Debate club gives all students of WCHS a chance to voice their opinion and tell their side in a respectful way.

The club has decided on their next debate topic, which will be contraceptives in school. Mundy explains how he feels about debating saying, “Debating is huge for many different reasons, it helps with politics and speaking to others about how you feel.”

Students should have the right to voice their opinion and speak on how they feel. Debate Club has given WCHS students this opportunity. There are many topics today that all WCHS students may not agree on.