Teens texting addiction is now on four wheels

Thomas Mackie, Guest Writer

Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and many more plague our young minds. Keeping up with friends and our social lives is almost as important to some as eating breakfast in the morning. For those who do text or post, ask yourself,  would you or have you ever done it behind the wheel? Have you ever been in a close call from doing so or has another driver doing it caused an issue? Well, we can say you are not alone, there have been multiple people who have texted or have been victims of texting and driving. Teens are more likely to text and drive than adults are. And in 2018 there were 11 teen deaths per day caused by texting and driving alone. (victoriaadvocate.com)


After some research and a survey conducted in West Carrollton High School we have some statistics and reasons why you should not do this. Texting and driving causes more accidents than drunk driving alone. Over 390,000 injuries are caused by texting and driving each year. Teens are the most likely to text and drive, which comes as no surprise. There are many other effects texting and driving can cause but how much does that affect you here? Out of 272 responses we learned that regardless if students in West Carrollton drive or not 83.8% have been in a vehicle with a driver who has texted and driven. As startling as this number is it all comes from your school and from your peers. Now the question is how can we stop texting and driving? People can start to let others in the car answer or read them the text. You can pull over and look at it and/or reply. But of all the things you can do the best is to just ignore it. If it is that big of an emergency they can call back or you will get to them later. Don’t be a part of these statistics or cause anyone harm from that one message you didn’t read this morning, be smart and drive safe.