ALL Coming Together For Prom Night!


Haley Owens

Seniors from the Class of 2019 pose before their Prom. Due to COVID-19. the Class of 2020 did not have a Prom. The junior and seniors this year will get to have a Prom, while observing some social distancing guidelines.

Macy Lovelace

Prom is happening! This Friday, April 30 at 6:00pm, Prom for WCHS juniors and seniors will be at the Hilton Garden Inn at Austin Landing from 8-11 p.m.

TODAY is the LAST day to get your tickets! Students will NOT be able to purchase tickets at the door!  You must complete the online ticket reservation form sent from Mrs. Fields along with having fees paid, no discipline suspensions, and the Prom waiver signed by 3:30 p.m. today to get your ticket. 

100s office administrator and Prom adviser Mrs. Melissa Fields said, “This is my first year as Prom Advisor! And I am thrilled, it is going to be a great time and to be able to do this is a privilege this year.”

Fields said Prom is going to be different this year pre COVID-19 restrictions. Masks will be required at Prom and failure to comply with wearing a mask will result in removal from the dance. Staff is going to be checking temperatures of the students before they walk in and social distancing will take place while students are inside the dance. An official Prom waiver is required. “[COVID-19] has changed a lot of things in life. Last year and no one knows for how much longer into the future.” 

We are also limiting our guests to WCHS students only and to juniors and seniors only this year! There is a 350 ticket limited being sold to students, allowing only 350 students in on Prom night to accommodate social distancing. 

“The tickets are $25 and right now we are requesting ALL students reserve their tickets on the form sent out. Those that reserved a ticket may come to the 100s office to pick up their ticket between classes, during advisories or study halls and before/after school.” The following items will be checked prior to allowing you to purchase your ticket: 

  • Final forms must be completed online by parent and student
  • School fees must be paid in full
  • No suspensions
  • The Prom waiver signed and turned in

Senior Grace Blackley said, “ I am very excited we are having a prom this year and I can’t wait to make memories with my friends.” 

Senior Harley Waters said, “ I am very happy we have the chance to have a prom this year, it is not how we planned it to be but, I still am grateful to have one!” 

Since it was safest to not have a Prom Committee this year because of COVID-19, Mrs. Fields chose not to do a theme this year. Mrs. Fields chose a classic and elegant color scheme of black, white and silver. 

She also said there will sadly be no After Prom.

On a final note, Mrs. Fields would like to let everyone know that she is super excited to have a Prom this year even though it’s not how we planned. “I know Prom is different this year! I am super excited for the Junior/Senior class to be able to host it this year! It is going to be a great time and to be able to do this is a privilege this year. I would like all students to be careful and safe. Please BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE and BE SAFE! From the famous words of a past graduate, MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!!!!!”