Representation & Importance of Musical Arts

         The importance of representation for our musical arts programs/classes here at West Carrollton High School is very depreciated and has a huge lack of representation, especially in our orchestra programs. It is important to allow students to work in other areas of study involving music because it can be beneficial in areas involving self-expression, self-esteem, building essential skills, and preparing for bright futures. Music not only shares a fair share of responsibility and self-expression, but it also helps build character and confidence.

         Our musical teachers provided at West Carrollton High School were all sent the same survey regarding musical representation within the school. This career fits these teachers very well as they take a passion for helping others express themselves as well as themselves. Making music, learning music, singing music, and so many other forms of making music is very important in bringing lives together to help create beautiful sounds of self-expression and talent. With all this talent and time spent on these arts, are they even getting reasonable representation? Many students apart of these classes say this may vary depending on each musical group. The band gets the most representation regarding musical arts, as they get more funding than the other musical groups, and have Marching Band and Pep Band which are highly represented for our sports and football games.

­       ‌We’ve asked some students around the school and most of them didn’t know there were multiple groups for each musical class. In orchestra, there is arpeggio, symphonic orchestra, chamber orchestra, pit orchestra, and honors chamber orchestra. In band, there is concert band, pep band, marching band, jazz band, concert winds, and pit band. Then lastly, in choir there is symphonic choir, chamber choir, vocal expressions, mutiny, and the musical.  Participating in a musical art takes time and money put in to achieve such music and talent. Our musical instructors also take time and money to put together performances for the school and families to enjoy. West Carrollton High School would benefit a lot from involving these groups more often which is why we need to fix the lack of representation of musical arts.

Choir, Band, & Orchestra Holiday Assembly

Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff