You Should Join the Marching Band

Alex Przyborowski

As a five year veteran of the West Carrollton High School Marching Band, having been their Librarian (I organized our music storage and gave out copies to members who needed them) for two years, and playing trumpet for close to 7 years now, I am obviously biased when I say that joining the marching band is a great way to grow more connected with your peers and school. Having the opportunity to meet and connect with like minded individuals who shared my passion for music and creativity was something I hope everyone gets to experience at some point, and what better time than the present? In joining the Marching Band, you would be able to engage in activities amongst your peers, such as attending both home and away games with our football team, preparing for and attending in competitions amongst rival bands, and even participating in the annual Marching Band Olympics (A friendly competition among your peers to see who has the best form in the band)!

Not only would you be able to become more active in your school community, but you would also get the opportunity to meet and work with many amazing people! The entire band community is one built on respect and mutual gain. I personally have met many of my close friends not only through the band, but also through the music department as a whole. As well as being a great place to meet new people, band is also an environment where one can feel safe with others, as the leaders among your peers try and support you and each other to the best of their abilities. Overall, joining the West Carrollton High School marching band is an experience that I highly recommend.