The Robotics Regional Ends! Results and More.


Jacob Pecore

The two regionals that Pirate Robotics has been aggressively competing in have finally ended, and the results have been given to the team. The F.I.R.S.T. (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) competition this year works simply by placing cones and inflated cubes in a portion of an arena, filled with three robots per side(blue and red respectively). The robotics team has been hard at work on their robot with a unique design. It is a virtual four-bar mechanism to keep the arm always horizontal no matter what elevation it is in. This preparation was for the two regionals, Miami Valley and Greater Pittsburgh. Overall, the team has scored in the middle of the ranked charts, 36th in Miami Valley, but improving to 9th by the middle of the Greater Pittsburgh Regional, eventually dropping down towards the end to the high 20s out of 48 teams. Although the team did not have the chance to go to the FIRST Championship in Houston, Texas. The team is undeterred to still improve during the offseason to come back next year even more prepared than ever. The current off-season plan is to improve the robot, learning how to fix some errors as well as possibly even teaching the robot to do more intricate automation. Most of the team still enjoyed the season, with the head of marketing Mason Aydelott stating, “Even though we lost, this year of robotics was a fun experience, and we have learned more from these competitions”.