Mural Club

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Whether you have done millions of paintings or have never even picked up a paintbrush. There is always a chance for you to start today in Mr. Grosvenor’s room. The possibility of creativity within each student drives the entire Mural Club program here at West Carrollton. It started in 2021 around the time when Mr. Grosvenor began teaching at West Carrollton. Since then, the Mural Club has created seven big murals for West Carrollton in general. Every year has started with eighty to one hundred members. Then, as the year goes by, it narrows down to forty loyal members.

The West Carrollton Dayton Metro Library gave the club a chance to decorate their building with one of their murals. The library let the club pick any theme for their mural. The students had thought back to one they recently finished in their own school’s library which incorporates storytelling. They had then come up with the idea of the classic story of Peter Pan and his lost boys. Branching off to update the story meant including more gender-inclusive or multicultural figures. Mr. Grosvenor said he had even taken some of the members as inspiration for some of the figures in the piece. Take a chance next time you stop by the Metro Library to truly appreciate and admire the time it took to make the Lost Boys piece.