Total Drama Review

Dulce Flores

Total Drama

Total Drama’s first episode was aired on July 8, 2007, in the USA. Total Drama has now been on Netflix for a few years now. Total Drama has 95% of how many people like it.  There are 5 seasons to this show with all different themes which in my opinion makes it more interesting. Even though all seasons are different the show has one specific theme song overall. The theme song is “I Wanna Be Famous” which is mostly what the show is about. This show starts off on a very crappy island named Wawanakwa where the host Chris McLean introduces the cast of the 1st season. Some of the cast throughout the seasons stay the same. Some of the members move on to different seasons to compete for the 1 million dollars Chris McLean offers. In this show, there are teenagers who do a variety of different challenges and also sleep at that specific place. The settings of the seasons change. The teenagers face life-threatening challenges that are designed to entertain the host of the show. The host is kinda mean to the cast throughout the whole season in a fun and playful way. The cast has many different people with many different personalities and aesthetics, so kids and teens watching can relate to some of the personalities and have a person to root for to win the 1 million dollars. Although at the end Chris McLean cheats all the contestants out of the 1 million dollars.  That’s how the seasons continue because Chris McLean keeps promising money so he can end up getting the money at the end of the show. In the Animated show, it shows as if teen kids are being filmed on reality tv.  For each ending episode, Chris McLean does something very big and dangerous for the remaining contestants. Chris McLean makes the cast sign a contract that doesn’t allow them to quit the contest or leave off the island, of course, unless voted off. In the show, the contestants always get split into two groups and they compete against each other. In a way, it shows the contestants to get along with other people that they might not like or know.  At the end of each episode, a contestant gets voted off by their teammates. At the end of each episode, there is a losing team and that team gets to vote off one of their teammates. This Show is full of adventure and fun things that happen between the contestants. I definitely recommend this show if you want a good laugh while enjoying some tasty snacks, it’s a very fun show overall.

The 5 seasons all have different themes. The first season takes place on a crappy island and the challenges are based on things that have to do with the island. The second season is called “Total Drama Action ”. In the show Chris makes it seem like it’s a whole new place or setting but in reality, it’s the same island they just put different things on to make it look different. The 3rd season is called the “Total Drama World Tour.” This season is based on the castmates living on a plane and going to different countries throughout the world. The 4th season is called, “Total Drama: Revenge of the Island ”. This season takes place in the same place where it all first started at Camp Wakanaka but with a somewhat different cast. Then the last final season is called, “Pahkitew Island.” The cast from season 5 is completely different from the cast members before. In past seasons the original cast members have appeared in multiple seasons but in season 5 the cast changed completely and none of the original cast members participated in season 5. Total Drama is for anybody and everybody, don’t hold back to watch it.