Homecoming 2015

Morgan Neal, Features Editor

As all of us know, this past Saturday, Oct. 3, WCHS was Trapped In Wonderland. Yes, you heard it right! Trapped In Wonderland was the theme for the 2015 homecoming dance. Going down the hallway of black light filled mysteries led you right into the spiraling wonderland filled with purple and black decor. Cards hung from the ceiling in the middle of the dance floor. Not only was a giant spiral altering your mind along and a fog machine deepening the effects, there were also colorful lights at the D.J. bar changing in all sorts of colors in all different directions. With all the different effects and hard work that went into the theme, Homecoming 2015 is definitely one we will all remember!  

If you’re wondering how this theme came about, Mrs. Priestle, who has overseen the Homecoming Committee for 5 years said, “The senior homecoming committee decided the theme this year.” Senior Homecoming Committee always picks the theme for Homecoming while the juniors pick the theme for Prom.

Freshman Homecoming Court attendee Macy Patton, said she was excited about the theme along with the dance itself. Patton said, “I’m excited for Homecoming, there is a lot of preparing the goes into it but I think I’ll have a great time.” Not only is this her first year here at WCHS, it’s also her first time on Homecoming Court. When asked about her feelings making Court, Patton said, “it makes me feel like I’ve done things right and have been nice to people and tried to treat people with respect so it makes me feel very grateful that I got it.”


While it is the freshmen class’ first year going to Homecoming, it will be the last for the seniors. Alyssa Wilson, a senior here at WCHS said, “It’s very bitter sweet!! Everything planning-wise has gone so well!”

All the planning and preparation that comes with Homecoming, was definitely reflected when all of it came together and everyone hit the dance the floor. The Hook staff wants to give a huge “thank you!” to the staff and students that helped with planning Homecoming and putting everything together for the freshmen’s first Homecoming and the senior’s last!