Join Muse Machine!

Timothy Bowles, Staff Writer

Muse Machine is a program that exposes students to artistic performances. It gives students the opportunity to see art performances in their school by local, professional artists.

Mrs. Pam Jacobs is the Muse Machine adviser in the high school. Mrs. Jacobs described the program as “a club that’s not a club.”

Two events take place at the high school and two take place at the middle school. The “big yellow limo” takes students to events. Muse Machine has evening events that take place at The Schuster Center and Victoria Theater. The program began around 20 years ago and Mrs. Jacobs has been involved for 15 years.

Muse Machine is a regional organization that involves many high schools and there is an office downtown with a group of people who wanted to connect students with performing arts.

Mrs. Jacobs said, “The arts aren’t just for old people.” She also said, “Once you discover the performing arts, you’re hooked for life!” She has seen data that proves that students involved in arts score higher on the ACT and the SAT.

There are plenty of people involved in Muse. There are 40 student members at the middle school and 25 at WCHS.

Seniors Jaden Fine and Zay Conner have taken advantage of workshops. Mrs. Jacobs said, “Jaden is involved in a Muse production of Mary Poppins in January.”

When asked what her favorite part about Muse Machine is Mrs. Jacobs responded, “Oh that’s easy. There is nothing better than taking a student to a live show experience for the first time. It is like I’m reliving it all over again.”

If you need anymore information about Muse you can pick it up from Mrs. Jacobs in room 101. You will have to fill out forms, have a parent sign them, and pay. The reason Muse costs money is because Muse performers are professionals and performing is their job. The membership cut-off is October 15, so join before.