Journey to the Unknown



Preston Smith (pictured second from the right) is an alumnus of WCHS and The Hook. Above, Smith shows his Bowling Green pride on Signing Day 2015. Smith, last year’s Features Editor, is a first-year student at BGSU and is pursuing a degree in English.

Preston Smith, Contributing Writer

Preston Smith is an alumnus of WCHS (the Class of 2015) and of The Hook staff. Smith is currently pursuing a degree in English at Bowling Green State University. 

My world was turned upside down on August 19, 2015, when I, just three short months after walking across the stage of the prestigious Schuster Center in WCHS’s student-led 2015 graduation, moved to Bowling Green State University to embark on my collegiate journey.

The morning came quickly, and I arose from my slumber before the sun had a chance to ascend into the moonlit sky and grace the earth with its radiant warmth. With a trip to Starbucks in my immediate foreseeable future, I showered and made the trip to the Seattle-based coffee shop to attain the espresso I needed to both wake me up and calm my jittering nerves. When I arrived back at my residence, my father and maternal grandparents had emerged to help in the moving process. We proceeded to manage a plethora of my belongings into three vehicles, and our fleet of vehicles then trekked two-and-a-half hours directly northbound on I-75 until we reached the college town of Bowling Green.

Much of my nerves were instantaneously quelled because I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to room with my best friend from high school; however, move-in day still possessed its stressors. Searing heat rained down on us, while strong, abrupt gusts of wind adamantly coursed around us – Chicago, also known as “The Windy City,” has nothing on Bowling Green. The day was stained with bittersweet familial tears, and I, having never been away from my family for longer than a few weeks, was alone.

I wasn’t sure how to feel. It was exciting but terrifying, invigorating yet anxiety-ridden. It was liberating. I adorned my quaint desk area with juxtaposed Once Upon a Time calendars and posters, and it began to feel like home. My perplexed feelings didn’t continue for long, however, because my roommate and I were swiftly reunited with two more WCHS alumni, who had moved in two hours prior and were living two floors above us. My roommate, Jonah Wilson, and I rapidly created unbreakable bonds with the four other girls with whom our two friends were residing for the academic year. The eight of us spent our first night of college somnolently getting acquainted with one another, laughing our heads off, and playing numerous rounds of Cards Against Humanity. These newfound friendships were paramount.

Despite experiencing a fairly friendship-lucrative transition, there are still things that can be done to aid in the process. Decorating your dorm with a miniature Christmas tree or carved jack-o-lanterns during the holidays can make your room feel like home; calling your parents every other day can maintain a healthy relationship that’s needed when away from home; staying on top of school work can ease stress and keep your academic standing lofted high; and taking personal time to unwind can be crucial in maintaining both mental and physical health. Also, whether you know your roommate beforehand or not, set boundaries. This will help in keeping a strong, working friendship.