WCHS Fall Play


Emily Howard, Staff Writer

This Wednesday and Thursday (Nov. 18 and 19) will be the WCHS fall play, “The Mad Tea Party,” in the WCHS Auditorium. Ms. Emily McGuff, the drama teacher, is the director of the play.

“The Mad Tea Party” is about the characters from “Alice in Wonderland,” except without the main character in the Disney movie, Alice. “It’s a twist on an old classic,” Ms. McGuff said.

Ms. McGuff said she is feeling very enthusiastic and pumped for this production. “Isaiah [Connor] and Noah [Fine] make the best [Tweedle]Dum and [Tweedle]Dee pair,” she said. “Come and support the actors who have been working hard for the past month and a half to put on a great show!”  

Senior Jaden Fine commented that the show is “very punny.”

Junior Sydney Green, senior Hannah Glowick, junior Deidra Mullins, freshman Jessica Farmer, junior Dean Mason, senior Jaden Fine, senior Shelby Jordan, sophomore Jake Boyd, sophomore Caitlin Collinsworth, sophomore Jada Brown, senior Noah Fine, and senior Isaiah Connor have been cast in the performance.

Helping behind the scenes is Mr. Matthew Reynolds, art teacher, Ms. Nicole Ingram, German teacher, senior Natalie Hart, sophomore Veronica Turner, sophomore Sara Walker and more.

“Put on your maddest hat and join us for the extravagant tea party!” Ms. McGuff said.