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Elizabeth Mason, Staff Writer

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Though holidays this time of year typically consist of spending time with families, opening gifts and, baking cookies, there are other major holidays students at WCHS celebrate other than Christmas.

People celebrate different holidays according to their religion. While you may be at home opening gifts over Christmas break, others will already be celebrating their holiday or it might have already passed! Senior Yasmine Jumi celebrates a holiday called Ramadan and Cultural Celebration leader Ms. Kavitha Pasala celebrates a holiday called Diwali. Both holidays are about coming together and celebrating with family.

Jumi celebrates Ramadan and Eid. The date of Ramadan varies every year and lasts for 30 days. Jumi explains that Ramadan is when you fast for 30 days in order to gain respect and have an understanding for the less fortunate. Fasting is when you do not eat or drink throughout the entire day. For Ramadan, that is until about 8:00 or 9:00pm. Eid is celebrated after the 30 days of fasting and everyone gives little gifts of money and families go out to do something fun to celebrate a successful Ramadan that year. Jumi says, “My family and I always go to Chuck-E-Cheese on Eid to celebrate and it is always really fun. I enjoy doing this because it makes me feel good for understanding what people go through.”

Ms. Pasala celebrates Diwali, which is the  Hindu Festival of Lights. Diwali happens once a year between the months of October and November. Diwali is similar to Christmas because there is a big celebration, families get together, lights are hung up and prayers are made. There are no gifts on this holiday but it is celebrated just like a major holiday such as Christmas. When the family gets together, they have a nice feast. Ms. Pasala says, “My mom is an excellent cook I love it!” Ms. Pasala has been celebrating Diwali as long as she can remember. She celebrates it with her family at home but some families go to a temple to celebrate and worship. Ms. Pasala added, “I love spending time with my family and seeing my nieces.”

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