“The Mad Tea Party” Review

Jackie Florea, Staff Writer

The cast of “The Mad Tea Party” earned plenty of laughs during their performances on November 18 & 19.

The lead of the cast, senior Hannah Glowik, played the Mad Hatter. She said of the performance preparation, “We worked for two days a week for two months with our cast, but it took hours of practice and memorization outside of rehearsals,” senior Hannah Glowik known as the Mad Hatter said.

The play was directed by English and Drama teacher Ms.Emily McGuff. Ms. Nicole Ingram, the high school German teacher, assisted.

The cast members included brothers Jaden (senior) as the Caterpillar and Noah Fine (senior) as Tweedle Dee. Isaiah Conner (senior) played Tweedle Dum and Sydney Green (junior) played the White Rabbit. Hannah Glowik (senior) played the Mad Hatter, Deidra Mullins (junior) played the March Hare, and Jessica Farmer (freshman) was the Dormouse. Dean Mason (junior) was Time, Shelby Jordan (senior) was the Duchess and Queen of Hearts. Jake Boyd (sophomore) was the Frog Footman and the Card Guard, Caitlin Collinsworth (sophomore) was the Cheshire Cat One and the Jabberwock. Lasty, Jada Brown (sophomore) was the Cheshire Cat Two.

Glowik talked about her experience the moments before going on stage,”This wasn’t my first time ever on a stage, but I’m always nervous beforehand. Luckily, when the curtain opened all of the fear just melted away and I did what I knew how.” Glowik also spoke about how she felt about the cast she had the chance to work with, “I was fairly close with most of the cast, but their support and encouragement has shown me that my true friends will stand behind me. This was my first play-type performance and I couldn’t have done it without the fortitude of my cast and our fearless leader, Emily McGuff.”

The play was a pleasure to go to. Lots of laughs were expressed by the audience. The cast members’ facial expressions made the play more lively. The play was well-directed and the props and crafty costumes made the play better than it already was! Congratulations to the cast,  backstage crew, costume creators, and hair and makeup crew. This play was MAD!