Your Lunch Guide

Emily Howard, Staff Writer

WCHS students are always confused about where to go for lunch every day. Because we only have 34 minutes for lunch, speed is essential. The question, “What’s for lunch?” always comes about, followed by, “I don’t know, what sounds good?” The West Carrollton area is surrounded by lots of different choices for a quick lunch. Below you will find a lunch guide with some area restaurants as well as a mini review.

Right now you have some deals going on in certain restaurants. The first deal that came out was Wendy’s 4 for $4. The 4 for $4 Meal includes four chicken nuggets, a small drink, small fries and a junior bacon cheeseburger. It can be filling and if you enjoy Wendy’s, it’s pretty quick and they have few (if any) messed up orders. Wendy’s is on E Central Ave.

Burger King, on N Springboro Pike, stepped up their game after Wendy’s deal came out. Burger King now has a 5 for $4 meal. The meal includes a bacon cheeseburger, small fries, chicken nuggets, a small drink and a chocolate chip cookie. The only difference between this deal and Wendy’s is the small cookie. If you are craving something sweet with your lunch, this is probably perfect for you.

McDonald’s was next to come out with a deal. The McPick 2 for $2 is a meal plan where you can select any two items on the dollar menu. This deal isn’t really groundbreaking, since this is just a spin on the dollar menu. Senior Joe Boze said, “Worst place to go would have to be McDonald’s. And I mean that in the sense of that’s where everyone goes. It’s always packed at lunch and they mess up orders in big rushes.” McDonald’s has two locations near WCHS. One is on E Dixie Dr. and the other is on W Alex Bell Rd.

Rally’s on W Alex Bell Rd has a more ideal 2 for $2 deal out. You can get two crispy fish sandwiches, two spicy chicken sandwiches, or one of each. They also have a $2 chicken box. Granted, Rally’s is more greasy but they can be pretty fast.

If you are craving chili, then you can go to Skyline on N Springboro Pike. Skyline can be kind of expensive but because most people don’t go to Skyline for lunch they are hardly ever busy.

Subway isn’t fast, because they’re always busy. The $5 footlongs are still available but include few options. Subway is on E Dixie Dr. and Springboro Pike.

Taco Bell on E Central Ave and Fazoli’s off N Springboro Pike both have bad reputations for being slow. You should avoid these restaurants if you don’t want to be late to class. Even though they are really slow, Fazoli’s has a good $5 lunch deal. This includes one pasta dish, a pizza slice, and a small drink.