Juniors give input on online learning


Mrs. Parido

Students in Mrs. Shteiwi’s class adhere to the district’s COVID regulations during school in November.

Haylie Brunner

On Aug.  31, WCHS students started remote learning districtwide due to COVID-19 and students had to adapt to a new way of learning.

Juniors Jayde Neal, Raliyah Blythe and Maddie Lee love online school. They think that online learning makes it almost impossible to fall behind because it is at a slower pace. They also love how organized online learning is. They said the online platform makes it so you can’t lose any of your papers or schoolwork.

Lee personally likes online school because she struggles with handwriting, and online everything is typed. She does feel that all due dates should be on Friday and that all work for the week should be posted at the beginning of the week.

Neal has some things that she would change about remote learning which is, “I would make it where students can go at their own pace because it’s too slow now.” 

Both Lee and Blythe think that the Zoom calls were too long and that without them, getting all their work done goes way faster.

Monica Brunner, parent of West Carrollton elementary student Mila Brunner and preschool student Haston Brunner took her children’s’ education into her own hands. She didn’t like how Mila’s elementary school, Harold Schnell, was doing online school. So she is now homeschooling both her younger children to give them the education that they need.

Blythe, Neal and Lee all agree that the soft opening prior to going back to school in person should have lasted longer, maybe a month or until the start of the second semester. 

Blythe also suggested that the soft opening block schedule should last longer than a week. She said it might be a better option to make the block schedule last the whole quarter. 

Neal’s message to her fellow students regarding the reopening: “Be a very caring person and just courteous about all the precautions that are put in place for our safety.”

Blythe’s message to her fellow students regarding the reopening “Everyone be cautious and safe because it could happen to you.”

Lee’s message to her fellow students regarding the reopening  “ A message to everyone, wear your masks so I can go on vacation cause it won’t be fun if I can’t go.”