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Second Semester Exams Schedule and Expectations
David White May 13, 2024

Second Exemption Process    Students can not have accumulated 20 hours or more of unexcused absence time.  Students can not...

Softball Senior Night
Bryson Barnes, Staff/Writer • May 10, 2024

 Senior Night for the softball team was Wednesday, May 1st, and it was quite the game. The Final score was West Carrollton 15 and Stebbins 16....

Balancing Work And Student Life


Many teens have to balance work and school. It can be easy but hard at the same time. Teens really have to make sure they know how to balance both. There are multiple good ways to balance them.

One thing that will make balancing work and school easy is by having some type of schedule for both. Obviously depending on the work schedule it could be easy or very hard to make a schedule for both. A good tip to be able to balance both is get yourself a planner so that teens can mark down their school work that’s due and if teens don’t work that day just focus on school. Teens also could have the fear or doubt that they aren’t doing enough for their job or their school. Teens could also have a lot of pressure on their back by their family saying that they need to focus on school because of grades or they could be on their back to make sure they are getting to work on time. Working and also being in school can cause you to have some issues. One issue doing both is students could lose sleep or teens could end up with very bad stress levels.

Teens also have to try and make sure they have a good strong support system behind them because that will make the teen push harder to make sure they do great at both of their commitments. Teens also need to make sure that they don’t wait till the last minute to get the school work done because that will take a toll on the teens mental health and could mess with their ability to work at their job. It’s a good idea to trial and error some different techniques because if they just try and do one it might not work out well for them. If you trial and error you will find the best option to help you balance both. There are some positives to balancing both well. One is that you get to have money to spend on themselves and you won’t have to deal with your parents. Another is that if teens balance things well you won’t have any worries about your grades or how you perform at work. Make sure you eliminate all the distractions that could possibly also mess up your way of being able to balance both. It is also smart to not always use days off for school things.

Teens also need to make sure that they take breaks because it will help make sure teens are focused and teens’ brains aren’t completely fried when teens need to use it. Teens need to make sure that they get enough sleep because that’s another thing that could affect both of their places of focus.

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