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Prom 2024


As prom approaches a lot goes into the big night. You may not realize but preparations need to be made soon. Here’s how to ensure you have the best night of your life! 

General Prom Information:

Friday, May 3, 2024 from 8-11 pm

The Galleria, 140 Linden Ave, Dayton, OH 45432

Theme: Gatsby Gala


Tickets go on sale April 25 – May 2 and are $30 per person. You do not want to miss going because you couldn’t get a ticket, so make sure to be ready and buy your ticket as soon as possible! If you’re an underclassman you must have a guest form on file before purchasing a ticket. 

How to Get a Date:

We all know of the iconic prom proposals on Pinterest and trust me, your date is going to want one. Here’s how to score a date:

  • First, make sure that your date is already thinking of going with you. If you’re going to make the big proposal, no one wants told no or given a “pity” yes
  • Talk to your date’s best friend! Your date’s best friend is going to know if they want to make it a big deal or not, and what sort of proposal they would like.
  • You may not want to but you need to look on Pinterest it will really help you out!
  • Gather supplies: a poster board, markers, some sort of little gift, food or flowers 
  • Pick a theme or cheesy saying 
  • Write it out on the poster, and double-check the spelling! Maybe have your family or friends help you with your artistic ability 
  • Present it to your date either in private, at school, or at a sports practice – make sure to find out if they would prefer it to be in private!
  • Pray they say yes!! 
    But don’t forget a simple in-person conversation is always nice, too! However, don’t just text  “Would you go to prom with me”, that’s just lame! Remember the dance is only for Juniors and Seniors, if your date is an underclassman you will need a form in the main office due April 24th. Students outside of West Carrollton will also need to fill out a form due April 24th.
    Finding a Group:If a date is not really your style, going with friends can be so fun and way less stressful! To make a fun group with all your friends start off by asking around now, get it out there that you want to go to prom with them! 

    Once a few people seem to want to go, take the initiative and make the group chat!

    • Start bringing up prom and see if anyone wants to add people to the group 
    • Do not just randomly add people to the group chat! See if everyone would be cool if they also joined first! 
    • Talk about dinner and picture times a couple of weeks before the dance so nothing gets rushed! 
    • Assign someone to book the dinner reservation so that no one is confused when multiple get booked 
    • Work out transportation, making sure everyone has a way to get there! 


    Carpooling is always encouraged given the distance! However please be safe and make sure everyone has a seat, no need to jam the car! Limousines are a fun option as well! You can book one with a group for a reasonable price.  

    Reservations and Appointments:


    Nails are always a big deal for the girls and getting your nails done can be such a fun time in preparation for the dance! Nails should be booked and done the week before or the week of. 


    Lots of ladies like to look bronzed in their nice dresses and there are many ways to do so! If spray tans and tanning beds aren’t your thing you can always get a Jergens Natural Glow lotion that gives a light tan look. 


    To have the best hair that looks good with your dress you need to think about the style of dress you have. If you have a backless dress an updo or ponytail might be cute to show off the back. A strapless dress might look good with hair down. However, no matter what you decide to go with it doesn’t hurt to do a few trial runs to make sure you’re not stressing the day of prom. 

    Corsage and Boutonniere: 

    Typically these are bought by the male and need to be ordered as soon as possible! Typically these are accent colors of the dress to tie the whole look together. You can order online at Kroger, Amazon, and Walmart, any florist should do it, but plastic ones are an option too. Since we do have a QPT day you can pick up the florals that day! 



    The dinner reservation should be made as soon as possible and at least two weeks in advance! Other schools may be having their prom the same night and restaurants will be booking up because of the dance so make sure you get your reservation in! 

    To make a reservation first check out the website to see what their policies are. After looking on the website I recommend calling to talk with a real person! 

    Before doing any of this talk to your group or date about where they want to go and about what time! 

    When calling, ask to place a reservation for Friday, May 3, and ask what available times there are. Then after they tell you pick a time closest to the one you are thinking of. Make sure to confirm and write down the time before hanging up! 

    About a week before prom call again to make sure the reservation is still there or look for a confirmation email or text if you did so online! 

    Food Suggestions:

    • Bravos $$
    • Black Rock $$$
    • The Melting Pot $$ 
    • Olive Garden $
    • Applebees $


    It’s important to tip well when going out given servers will be swamped with lots of parties. It is advised you tip 20%. To do this, take the first number of your bill and double it. 

    For example… If your meal is 20 dollars then tip at least 4$. 100$ meal you tip 20$ 

    Conversation Topics:

    Dinner can honestly be a little awkward at times and sometimes having a date can make you nervous. If so, here are some go-to topics to get the conversation started… 

    • Discuss the fun prom proposals that occurred in the past! Which one has been your favorite?
    • What music do you hope to hear at prom? 
    • Favorite memory made this school year 
    • Plans over the summer


    Everyone wants pictures for memories and Instagram-worthy posts! Cox Arboretum is always a great option but can be super busy so we also suggest: Caroline Park, Wegerzyn Gardens,

    Downtown Miamisburg, Hills and Dales, Pondview Park, Dayton Art Museum, and The Oregon District. 

    Double check you coordinate the time with your group and if you want individuals maybe show up 30 min early to not take away from the group time!

    Packing List: 

    The whole event is a long night when you take into consideration pictures, dinner, and the dance. So here’s what you need to bring to ensure you’re looking fresh and glamorous the whole evening. 

    What to Bring:

    • Different shoes, if you want to dance the heels may want to come off 
    • Lip Gloss 
    • Oil blot pads or powder
    • Mascara 
    • Bobbie pins 
    • TICKET!!
    • Feminine products if needed 
    • Travel deodorant 
    • Gum for after dinner breathe 
    • Nail glue 

    What to keep in the car… these items may not need to be brought into the dance but could be used before going in:

    • Tide stick (never know what could happen at dinner) 
    • Hairspray 

    After Prom: 

    Our school will not be hosting an after-prom so it is up to you how you want to enjoy the rest of the evening! No matter what, make sure to stay safe! 

    Maybe you just need to go home and go to bed, get in those pajamas, and put on a good movie. Having a sleepover after prom is always a fun option! 

    Maybe you’re still full of energy and want to get some good grub. Waffle House, Steak and Shake, and Bills are all open late for a sweet treat! 

    The Big Day:

    We have a QPT Day, so use this to your advantage! Getting up and getting breakfast with your friends is a fun way to celebrate the exciting day! It’s also important to walk around in your heels to get used to having them on. I also suggest cleaning out your car! If you’re carpooling or just driving yourself you don’t want a dirty car when in your beautiful dress or suit. A quick vacuum and throwing away the trash is an easy way to feel better on prom night. 

    No matter how you spend the evening make sure to enjoy yourself and have a great, safe time! 

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