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Second Semester Exams Schedule and Expectations
David White May 13, 2024

Second Exemption Process    Students can not have accumulated 20 hours or more of unexcused absence time.  Students can not...

Softball Senior Night
Bryson Barnes, Staff/Writer • May 10, 2024

 Senior Night for the softball team was Wednesday, May 1st, and it was quite the game. The Final score was West Carrollton 15 and Stebbins 16....

Mr. White’s WCHS Quarter Two Newsletter


All Students

Looking at the data from the second quarter, there was clearly a lack of focus on academic performance. We always want to see consistent growth in our measures, but the reality is that growth doesn’t work that way.  Everyone wants a straight line of growth but growth has its ups and downs. When looking at the grade distribution for the building we regressed in all grade categories. The increase in F’s is unacceptable so both staff and students must refocus themselves and work harder in the classroom.

We currently offer tutoring in all subjects on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15pm to 4:00pm. Students are encouraged to stay and work with staff to get additional help. Students are expected to set weekly goals in advisory with their teacher. We need students at school every day on time. This set back isn’t at a crisis point, but we must address it and get better and that means everyone, staff and students. 

Discipline data has been improving since school started. We look at the total number of referrals by grade level, cell phone referrals and positive referrals. These measures help us determine the climate of the building.


Quarter  Total Discipline Referrals Cellphone Referrals Positive Referrals
1st  705  379 292
2nd  624 238 226


Senior Class

The Seniors have reached a point in the year that they must make some final decisions. The acceptance letters from colleges and universities should have arrived at their homes. Seniors should know where they plan on going to school, work, or military after graduation. The FAFSA nights are coming up soon to help students and parents apply for financial aid. These workshops are vital to our students who plan on attending any college or university. Trade schools sometimes accept financial aid as well, so any Senior planning to attend a trade school program should find out immediately if financial aid is an option. 

The immediate focus for graduation is for all of the Seniors to have their credits, seals, and test scores that are state required for graduation. Looking at the passing rates for the second quarter, we have some Seniors who are in jeopardy of NOT graduating. 

Please make sure you speak with your Senior about their report card grades, credits, test scores and Graduation Seals so there are no surprises come March. The Senior meetings with Mrs. Carlisle will cover requirements, events, and expectations so Seniors must be on time and pay attention during these meetings. I always stress to students and parents that miracles don’t happen when it comes to graduation. Graduation is something earned over four years, so as the Seniors enter the last 16 weeks of high school, they must stay focused and make sure they have everything they need to graduate.

Junior Class

The time has come for our Juniors to pick their top three choices for college. The reality is that students apply to colleges and universities in the fall of their Senior year. Applying as early as they can in the fall allows students to know sooner if they are accepted or not. This final decision for students should be no later than November of their Senior Year. This means Juniors must spend the next eight months researching, visiting, and determining their top picks for school. The key indicator for acceptance is the students GPA. I cannot begin to stress how important it is for our Juniors to make third and fourth quarter Honor roll. They need to focus on earning the best grades possible. The higher their GPA, the more options they will have. 

Passing rates are a key measure for Juniors because it’s the last full schedule year for students. Full schedule means that every class counts toward graduation requirements. Passing these classes means the Juniors are on track to graduate on time Senior year. Parents, review the report card with your Juniors and ask about Freshmen and Sophomore credits to make sure they are ready for Senior year. If your student is one of the 45 students who failed two or more classes, then they need to focus, work hard, and attend tutoring to get their grades up.

Sophomore Class

Sophomore year is by far the hardest year of high school. The students are no longer new to high school and have become comfortable with friends and staff. The reality is that EVERY SINGLE CLASS COUNTS TOWARD GRADUATION. The students have three End of Course Exams in March that require passing scores. The passing rates have a huge impact on whether a student stays on track to graduate. There are 82 students at risk of failing courses that are required to graduate. These students must be at school everyday, working to improve their grades. Review their report with them and set quarter and weekly goals. We have tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15pm to 4:00pm so students can get assistance. 

Grade Point Average (GPA) is the greatest academic measure for any student. Sophomore year and Junior year are vital to improving a student’s GPA. I cannot stress enough that earning Honor Roll status is the best possible way to ensure by the end of Junior year you can apply to colleges and universities, trade schools or choose the Military and have those options to choose from. The lower a student’s GPA, the less options they will have by Senior year.

Freshmen Class

The change from Middle School to High School can be overwhelming for some students but the reality is that every class counts toward graduation and every student begins to build their GPA. The Freshmen got off to a decent start but have begun to trend in the wrong direction. I stress to everyone, when students fail courses they become “off track” to graduate on time and their GPA takes a huge hit. Our Freshmen must focus second semester on making the Honor Roll and being present everyday. 

We will announce summer school plans in the coming months. Those students who fail to earn core credits must attend summer school to get back on track for graduation. 


Letter to our parents

I have been with the staff and students for 18 weeks. During this short amount of time, I have experienced so many positive events. We won our first football game in years, our students, parents, cheerleaders, and players celebrated at the 50 yard line. Our girls’ soccer team went on a winning streak and I experienced the fall choir program and the orchestra just floored me. Our band went to Indiana and played in a band competition. All of our student athletes, managers, cheerleaders, and musicians worked extremely hard. I have met some of the most amazing students who work extremely hard in the classroom. While we have had some “bumps” along the way, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff, students, and parents. 

We have addressed the school climate and built routines that have created a stable, calm climate in the building. We will continue to improve those routines and expectations as the year goes on. When events happen in the hallway, classroom, or lunchroom, we address it immediately and move on. The world was coming to an end when I took away cell phone use from 8:00-3:00 but the students adjusted and they are much more focused in class.

The time has come to surround the students with a school culture that is academically focused, challenging, and enriching. Our students are amazing and have huge potential to be leaders in whatever field they choose. The work we ask them to do now will prepare them for college or a career. While our data clearly shows we have a long way to go, I am encouraged that what has been accomplished will help us build a school culture around achievement for all students. 

I always explain to the students during class meetings that it’s their responsibility to come to school prepared and ready to learn. I stress to them their next step in life is based on the work they do now. They must work hard, earn good grades, and prepare themselves for college, a career, or the military. We will do more each quarter to build a school culture that values all students and challenges them every day to work hard and achieve as much as they can. 


Thank you, 

David White


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  • S

    Shantay RussellJan 23, 2024 at 8:24 am

    Thank you for your care and support

  • M

    Ms.PullenJan 22, 2024 at 11:20 am

    Thank you so much for being the open heart person you are caring not only for our kids and their well being not to mention their educational growth but also the parents that you encounter on every occasion. Seeing you standing in the hot sun and freezing cold to great all of West Carrollton High students everyday means a lot and tells a lot about you. Thanks!!