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Second Semester Exams Schedule and Expectations
David White May 13, 2024

Second Exemption Process    Students can not have accumulated 20 hours or more of unexcused absence time.  Students can not...

Softball Senior Night
Bryson Barnes, Staff/Writer • May 10, 2024

 Senior Night for the softball team was Wednesday, May 1st, and it was quite the game. The Final score was West Carrollton 15 and Stebbins 16....

Quarter 3 Newsletter

A Note from Mr. White on a Successful 3rd Quarter

I want to express my gratitude to the parents and guardians of our students. I have made many “stops” in my career and have met some amazing students. In some of my previous high schools I would have one, maybe two, good classes of students and would have to spend years implementing and enforcing the expectations of coming to school on time every day and doing your work. This standard of expectation at West Carrollton has been not only accepted but embraced by the majority of our students. While this is a reflection of the staff and students, it is also a reflection of the students’ home life. I truly cannot  express to you how excited I am for the next four to five years of work. West Carrollton High School can be a high academic performing school if we stay focused, work extremely hard, and stay consistent in our expectations.

The data I will share with you will focus on the work done in the classroom. We will always look at the following:

  1. Passing rates by grade level: How many students are passing 7 out of 7 classes, 6 out of 7 and so on.

  2. Grade Point Averages for each quarter: How many students earned a 4.0, 3.0-3.9 and so on.

  3. Twice a year we will look at the data building wide, once in August and once in June.

We finished the third quarter in good shape to hit our academic goals for the year. I have met with our underclassmen to review the data. The usual outcome for the third quarter is a large drop in productivity and grades. Our students actually did the opposite and were productive and increased their overall passing rates from the second quarter.

I have stressed to each class the importance of their grade point average. The cumulative grade point average that is set at the end of Freshman year will go up or down at the end of their Sophomore and Junior year. The cumulative grade point average is the key factor in determining a student’s pathway after high school. I stress to all of my parents and guardians that the expectation is that all students will have the options of attending college, trade school, joining the military, or entering the workforce. The only way the students have all of these options is with a strong cumulative grade point average.

This means our students need to come to school on time every day and work as hard as they can to get the highest grades possible.


The Freshmen class meeting we had returning from spring break went extremely well. Students were attentive and I could tell they were focused on the data. I have included both data points below.

Please understand that the core classes: English, Math, Science and Social Studies, are year long classes. Students earn one credit for each core class and it’s based on the entire year. We don’t award semester credits. This means if your student has a good first quarter and fourth quarter but a bad second and third they MIGHT have a high enough average to pass the year and earn the credit. This means all students need to work extremely hard in the fourth quarter to earn the highest grades possible.

Those students who finish the year without earning all of their credits need to attend summer school. I stress that waiting till Senior year to make up Freshmen classes is a bad idea. Once students get off track for graduating on time, it becomes extremely difficult to catch up. I STRONGLY SUGGEST IF YOUR STUDENT FAILS TO EARN THEIR CORE CREDITS THEY NEED TO ATTEND SUMMER SCHOOL.

We will be releasing summer school information in the coming weeks. If you are unsure if your student needs to attend or not, please call their counselor and/or teacher.

We have about 85 students that have maintained a 3.0 or higher grade point average this year. This needs to increase by 100% by this time next year. This would leave about 70 students below a 3.0 grade point average. The number of students at 1.9 and below are approximately 87 students. These students can improve their cumulative grade point averages over the next two years so they too have options after graduation. I stress to all my parents the following:

  1. Earning good grades means students are learning and being productive in the classroom.

  2. Each quarter students earn a grade point average. The cumulative grade point average is established at the end of Freshmen year.

  3. The cumulative grade point average will go up or down at the end of Sophomore year and Junior year.


When students finish their Junior year, the cumulative grade point average they have earned is what they will use on college applications. The cumulative grade point average will be used to determine scholarships and grants. This year college applications are down 50%, which means there is more money than ever for student scholarships. This class is in a great position to choose their path after high school and it does not cost as much as previous years. In order for our students to take advantage of this situation, they must have a solid cumulative grade point average by the end of Junior year.


The Sophomore class stayed consistent with the second quarter’s performance. The students need to have a strong finish in the fourth quarter to ensure they pass all their classes for the year. The Freshmen and Sophomore schedules are full with classes that are required for graduation. There is no room for failure so monitoring passing rates is extremely important during these two years. The data above shows we have a consistent group of 139 students that will earn all their credits going into Junior year. We will average about 37 students that are at risk of failing at least one class and 24 that will need summer school to get back on track.

The grade point averages are so important to our students’ future pathway because the higher the grade point average the more options our students will have going into Senior year. Students who have earned a 3.0 and higher cumulative grade point average will have options of attending a four year university, two year college, trade school or committing to a branch of the Military. In addition to acceptance into these options, scholarships and grants are awarded from grade point averages as well so the higher the grade point average the more opportunities students will have to pay for their post secondary education.


The Juniors made improvement in the third quarter. This is extremely important as we finish this school year. We want all of our Juniors to be on track for graduation going into their Senior year. Those Juniors who fail to earn credit in their required classes need to sign up for summer school. DO NOT WAIT AND TRY TO COMPLETE MAKE UP COURSES IN CREDIT RECOVERY; GET CAUGHT BACK UP IN SUMMER SCHOOL. If our Juniors can focus and work hard in the fourth quarter we should see a number close to 131 who are passing all their classes.

This measure is crucial in the next eight weeks. When the Juniors return in August as Seniors, many of the Seniors will be applying to college in the fall. The cumulative grade point average they earned by the end of their Junior year will be the grade point average they will use on their college applications. The next eight weeks every single Junior should be focused on earning straight As. The goal is to increase the cumulative grade point average as much as possible.


Seniors are down to the last 7 weeks of school. What an exciting time for our students. The students should be finalizing their post secondary options for the fall. All Seniors should have a copy of their credits, test scores, and seals that they have earned. There should be no doubt what must be done between now and May 23rd,2024.

The data above shows we have almost 100 Seniors performing at or above a 3.0 grade point average. We have about 11% of our Seniors who are currently at risk of not graduating. As I have stated throughout, ALL OF THE STUDENTS NEED TO WORK HARD THIS QUARTER TO RAISE THEIR GRADES UP AS HIGH AS THEY CAN.

The Seniors have the following activities coming up:

  1. Senior signing day is May 2nd: Seniors will get their caps and gowns and share their post secondary plans.

  2. May 3rd is prom

  3. May 4th is Art Festival

  4. May 17th Senior exams must be completed for those Seniors who are not exempt

  5. May 22nd Small group practice

  6. May 23rd Mandatory Practice in the auditorium

*** All fees and fines must be paid before practice***

  1. May 23rd Baccalaureate at 7:00PM West Carrollton Nazarene Church

  2. May 24th Senior Breakfast

  3. May 30th Graduation Mandatory practice at WCHS gym at 9:45




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