The Dangers of Teens Texting and Driving

Emma Massie, Guest Writer

The rate of teenagers being involved in car accidents due to texting while driving has gone up astronomically in recent years. 

An article published on the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s website really highlights the dangers of texting and driving and the fact that it is so commonplace nowadays. The article offers some recommendations for teens to prevent texting and driving, including: Completing any call or text before starting the car, get directions, or visualize the destination prior to turning on the car, and checking in with friends or parents only after you arrive. 

Mr. Dennis Hicks’ Literature and Media class surveyed the school’s populus regarding texting and driving. Of the 272 responses, 83 percent of students have been in the car with someone whilst the driver was texting, and 84 percent of students experienced an accident or scary situation due to a driver texting. 

Morgan Cihak, the project manager of the National Safety Council, wrote in an article on the council’s website that people become 2-9 times more likely to crash when texting and driving. The situation becomes even more dire as over 50 percent of fatal car crashes occur in rural areas. According to Cihak, many teens recognize the fact that texting and driving is bad, but they continue to do so anyway.