New Schools: What does this mean for the existing buildings?


Jacob Pecore

Ever since Phase one of the school’s building project, most students and staff have been wondering when the next phase will start, planned to be a 2nd through 4th grade, and a campus for grades 7-12th. With the new Early Childhood Center and Intermediate School being built, the plan for the future has been noticeably subtle since then, with only a few mentions every once in a while. To add this new campus-like area, the current high school will have to be torn down (apart from the auditorium), which would not work due to the sheer amount of students that would need to be moved around for the construction; how could there be a plan that could go around this? The fact is that it may have to be delayed until everything else is created, such as the 2-4th grade building that is planned to be around where the middle school stadium is currently.

Most information given publicly was from the initial planning stages within 2019-2020, with not much information on Phase two given due to the intricate designs still being planned. Concepts of the building were given to the public and news sources, showing that this expansion not only gives the district a new building, but new facilities for sports as well. This is only the current information given that has been publicized, and things have almost certainly changed, we will have to wait for the coming year for final information about this expansion.