Finally, Flying Out of the Nest?

Kim Brothers

Are you a senior finally leaving high school and going to college here’s what you need to know!

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Though this topic won’t concern most students until their senior years of high school, it would be good to have a reminder from someone who’s getting their act together in their last year of high school. This article might help you stay on track because I wish I could’ve been the person who was always on track in my earlier years. To put it simply, high school isn’t easy, not in the slightest. You may think it is, but wait until you get to the rough classes. Honestly, things will start going south with math and it is sadly not easy to remedy without pleasant teachers who don’t ridicule my lack of understanding. 

If I had to say any advice to give it’d probably be, don’t underestimate high school. Sure you could be a genius in elementary and middle school but you’ll end up lagging behind if you’re not careful. Secondly, never be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s from friends, teachers, or your parents, always ask for help. In honesty, the teacher doesn’t even have to be one that teaches the class but one that teaches the same subject is helpful. Teachers will try to help when they can and finding a teacher for each subject in high school that you trust will save you from struggling in the long run. Thirdly, don’t slack off. One of the main things that hold people back is due to slacking off and running from assignments so they can ‘live their lives.’ Do your living in college or after high school when you don’t need to worry about acceptance letters, professor reviews, and applying to colleges? Lastly, if you eventually are stuck playing catch up, try doing everything you need as soon as possible. Doing that gives your breathing room sooner and the ability to focus on classes you’re failing or are having trouble understanding. 

That’s only when you’re starting high school! When you’re going through your school life make sure not to get in fights or start drama just to screw with others, those things will die within a week. You won’t live that high forever. You should rather apply yourself to the class and focus on turning in your work, and as much as I hate to admit it, do your Aleks. Trust me I hate it and it sucks but Aleks is worth it, if you’re failing a class that’ll dig you out of that hole. The thing is you don’t have to like doing something, do it while fuming or complaining, as long as you finish the task it doesn’t matter how you do it.

Now once you make it through the roughest parts of high school is the time that you have to decide if you wish to further your education or go into the workforce. If you wish to find work then you’ll need a high school diploma and you’ll need references; whether they be teachers, other employers, or even your parent’s friends. Now if you want to further your education first things first you’ll need to apply to some, I would say apply to three to six. Check your email constantly and make sure you follow any and all emails for the applications you submitted. Once you have an accepted application now is the time they will need your transcript and your FAFSA.

Having to send your application can be increasingly confusing. Normally your transcript would be sent via a counselor however now you must contact Ms. Maggard for any and all things concerning your transcript. What could be even more frustrating is what you have to do once your transcript is submitted, such as linking your FAFSA and collecting all the materials and information for moving in. If you plan to move into the dorm with a friend then there is the hassle with trying to get a dorm together. Unless you’re living off-campus and in an apartment that has its own set of hassles and issues with it. Such as finding a suitable apartment close to your college and then moving. 

Moving requires so much effort and so my time planning. You may think that using a moving day is the smartest choice which by all means it is, however, the later in the day you come the easier it will be to move in. Earlier in the day will only provide hassle and headache as everyone is trying to move in. So moving in later in the day is ideal, however, that can also be purely based on whether you drive or you plan on having your guardians help you. However, before you move you have to pack, which means going through all your things and deciding what you’ll take and what you want. Most of the time you’ll have a large amount of stuff you want to bring, but that just isn’t feasible. In times like those you have to trade practicality for sentiment which can hurt. 

If you’re in a large college you may end up having community bathrooms among dorm floors or you’ll be able to have your own bathroom you shared with your roommate, which is much more favorable, personally, however, I would try and get shower shoes just in case. As for finally being moved in now you should explore your campus and plan the fastest routes to your classes and plan your schedule around that. 

Though you’re probably a freshman or about to graduate I hope I can help you plan your next steps into the next chapter of your life and even if I didn’t I hope this was educational and informative.