Most Outstanding Senior Boys

Class of 2018

Autumn Luthman, Staff Editor

Every year, seniors and faculty vote for top 10 senior girls and boys for recognition in the senior issue of The Hook school newspaper. The seniors voted were nominated because of the positive way they represent WCHS inside and outside of the classroom.  The students below were selected because they have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and were voted upon by faculty and peers. This survey took place the week of April 23 through April 27.

Jake Boyd

Jake Boyd has been very involved in things throughout his career here at WCHS. He has been in Mutiny (the school acapella group) all four years of high school and has participated in the musical all four years. Boyd was in Youth Leadership Board and this year he was the NHS Vice President. Boyd’s favorite memory from high school was cheering in his senior powder puff football game. He was also glad to make a ton of new friends throughout his senior year. Boyd will be attending Capital University after graduation to major in computer science.

Ethan Wale

Ethan Wale has been in the West Carrollton City Schools district since he was in kindergarten. His favorite subjects are Spanish and art, and favorite teachers are Senora Ulrich and Mr. Hess. In his free time Wale likes to run, bike, jump on his trampoline and play PlayStation with his friends. A strategy Wale uses is “get a good night’s sleep and remember that you don’t have to worry, as long as you’ve paid attention in class you’ll be alright. (Unless you’re taking Calc. with Mr. Scott. Then there’s no strategy. Just wing it and hope for the best…).”

Zaur Yakubov

Zaur Yakubov moved into the West Carrollton school district three years ago and believes it will be hard to leave the people here.  “Leaving the people will be difficult. People have become family and I can’t imagine a life without them.” Yakubov has participated in Mentor Club, Drama Club and Culture Club for a little over a year. In his free time he likes to play his ukelele, write, hang with friends and likes to act as well. Yakubov’s favorite memory of his time here at WCHS was his first fall play, “Dead to the Last Drop.”

Deshawn Mumford

Deshawn Mumford plans to attend Wright State University after graduation and is “doing everything music related” along with auditioning for the Musical Theatre Program in the fall of 2019. He has been involved in Mutiny, Vocal Expressions, the musical and chamber choir all four years of attending WCHS. His advice to underclassmen is “Do everything you can! Get involved as much as possible because that’s how you make connections. The people I hang with right now I would have never met if it wasn’t for music.”

Chevelle Champion

Chevelle Champion has been a part of Pirate Mentoring the past two years and participated on the basketball team for four years. His favorite subject is art and in his free time he likes to write and draw. Champion will be attending Rutgers University for business after graduation. Some strategies Champion uses to study include studying in small portions and then going over all of the material at the end–it causes less stress on his brain.


Jayden Evans

Jayden Evans’ favorite high school memory was during his  junior year when he used to put salt in fruit loops and give them to his peers. Evans believes it will not be hard for him to leave–he is ready to graduate. After graduation, Evans will be attending Wright State University and will be majoring in Biology. Some advice he would like to leave for underclassmen is “pay attention in class, lead by example, have West Carrollton pride, have fun, and get involved in the West Carrollton community.”


Bradley Retherford

Bradley Retherford has participated on the school Cross country team for three years, and participated in swim for four years. His favorite memory from high school was all of cross country. Outside of school, Retherford likes to spend his free time running, swimming, drawing, playing video games, but mostly just spending time with his friends. Post graduation, Retherford will be continuing his education at the University of Dayton and will join the campus EMS, go to med school, and become a doctor, either emergency room physician or trauma surgeon. WCHS cross country coach Kristi Betz describes Retherford as on of the most intelligent, insightful, and personable students she’s ever had the honor of working with.


Isaiah Simon

Isaiah Simon spends his free time playing Fortnite and going to work. Some advice he has for upperclassmen: “Always respect your teachers, stay focused and do your work.” After graduation, Simon will be attending Kent State University and taking Fashion Merchandising. He plans on being a big stylist one day. Simon’s favorite teacher Ms. Kirby said “Isaiah is one of the most outgoing and friendliest students that I have ever had. His smile and passion for helping others can light up a room. He is goal driven and has a ‘never quit’ attitude. My teaching career has been blessed by having Isaiah in my class and because he tells me that I am the ‘GOATiest GOAT.”


Zeke Swank

Zeke Swank will be attending either Sinclair or Bowling Green State University to become a pilot and either fly for the military or commercially. The hardest part about leaving WCHS for Swank will be not seeing the people he’s grown so close to, it’s like he’s leaving his family. Swank has been involved jazz band, marching band, pit orchestra, and pep band all four years of high school. Some advice Swank would like to leave for the underclassmen “Do not procrastinate! Get your work done because it really will pay off!”  When asked for comment, two of Swank’s favorite teachers, Mrs. Samantha Lohn, and Ms. Rachel Baker asked “Who is Zeke Swank?”


Bradley Sears

Bradley Sears is the Class of 2018’s valedictorian. At this year’s honors awards ceremony, Sears was recognized as the Most Outstanding NHS student and received a presidential award. He will receive an honors diploma. Sears was President of NHS his senior year and participated in Academic Challenge, Youth Leadership Board and Robotics. English teacher Mrs. Beth Mitchell said of Sears: “Bradley academically shines, and his admirable dedication to goals and expectations is unbelievable; however, his amazing personality and wit is what I cherish most.”