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Why should you read ‘The Love Hypothesis’ by Ali Hazelwood

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As a selective reader, I started this year reading The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazlewood. I was genuinely interested, surprised, and delighted while reading this book. However, a basic summary is needed in order to understand my personal opinion of the book, as this is a BOOK REVIEW. 

Dr. Adam Carlsen is a famous bio-developer or rather computational modelist -basically, someone who helps biological scientists with their work-,  who has become interested in a student named Olive. Olive wants to find a way to identify cancer in a quicker way and during her journey to achieve her dream she of course has somehow tangled herself up in the ‘rude, cold, egotistical’ Dr. Carlsen. As the story progresses, Dr. Carlsen begins to “fake” date -they’re pretending to date for their mutual benefit- Olive for his research funding, Olive on the other hand dates Carlsen to have her friend, Anh,  believe she is over an ex that she wants to date. Once Olive is just starting to learn how to take off; she’s shot out of the air and many misfortunes begin happening. . .

As that was the summary of the book and no need to spoil the whole book though. As for my review, I have to admit the writing style and plotline were good, but having Olive take an unbelievable amount of time to admit all the misfortunes to Adam is slightly maddening, truly. However, no book is “perfect” and there is always room for it to be improved, but in Ali Hazlewood’s case there’s not much I can complain about, honestly. In fact, it was hard to believe that Hazlewood’s writing style drew me in that much. I mean she helped me start off my year strong in the reading department. If I had to rate this I’d give ⅘ good noodle points. I would love to have other people read and enjoy the story of Olive and Adam and their shenanigans.