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Quarter 3 Newsletter
David WhiteApril 10, 2024

I want to express my gratitude to the parents and guardians of our students. I have made many “stops” in my career and have met some amazing...

Class schedules for testing days in April 2024.
State EOC Testing Has Arrived
April SomerlotApril 2, 2024

    West Carrollton High School students take end-of-course exams starting April 11 and continuing through April 25. Exams...

Pirate Alumni Spotlight

Emily Biggs

We have many teachers in the building that used to be sitting in the same desks we sit in now. Ms. Biggs graduated in the year 2000 and instead of going into the military or college after high school, she decided to go directly into the workforce. What brought Ms. Biggs back to West Carrollton was the fact that she was born and raised in West Carrollton, and she knew the schools and the people here in the district.

She started to work with adults who had disabilities years ago. She would take them out in the community to have experiences like cleaning and shopping. She planned to leave the state and do something else, but when the county started to close their DDS workshops, she knew that she wanted to stay in the job coaching field. She was able to apply for a job at CF Holiday.

She is very proud when she takes the special needs kids out to work and then they ask their parents if they can work there. If you want to become a job coach you have to make sure that you are 100% ok with the fact that the person will have disabilities. Also, you have to realize that they are young adults and that they can’t be babied when they are in the process of learning a job.  Part of Ms. Biggs’s job is  also to make sure that if the person or student goes into a job acting inappropriately, they understand they will not get the job they want or that they won’t have the job long. She also believes that her job is great because it helps people with disabilities understand that they can still get a job even though they may be different. 

One of her fondest memories from being a Pirate was in her senior year of high school. She and her brother were named homecoming king and queen and her younger brother was on the freshman court as well. One positive way Ms. Biggs believes the school has changed since she was here is that we are finally building and have new buildings. One of the staff members who influenced her when she was a student is Mrs. Mitchell. Ms. Biggs says Mrs. Mitchell has always been the fun energetic English teacher she is now. Her favorite tradition that has been carried on since her time as a student was not stepping on the pirate ship that is in all the lounges. It used to be considered bad luck for anyone to step on the pirate ships in each lounge and everyone walked around it.

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