Dillon Rushes To The All-American Bowl


courtesy of Mrs. Angela Shockley

WCHS quarterback Tristan Dillon will play in the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl in Dallas, Texas on Dec. 17.

Joseph Schaffer

WCHS student athlete Tristan Dillon is getting the chance of a lifetime. Dillon will have the chance to play and showcase his skills in front of some of the top college scouts in the country in the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl in Dallas, Texas.

The Blue-Grey All-American game is a nationally televised bowl game showcasing high school players that are picked from national combines or a great junior year season. The game will be hosted at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.  The game will be on Dec. 17 and will showcase some of the top high school student athletes around the country who will be exposed to a lot of the top college scouts in the country. The game will be nationally televised live on ESPN 3.

Players noticed at regional combines and players who have the top combines are picked to play in the bowl game.  “I got noticed at a combine at Paul Brown Stadium in April,” said Dillon.

Dillon, along with the high honor of getting invited to play in this game, was honored to receive a generous check from the alumni of WCHS that participated in the alumni game on Nov. 3.  This check will help pay for him to be able to participate in the All-American Bowl. When asked if he knew about what the alumni were doing, Dillon said “I had a good idea, because people are bad at hiding the secret (no name calling), but I had NO idea it was that much and will forever be grateful to them for that.”

Dillion is the starting quarterback on the high school varsity team and claimed the starting spot for 3 out of his 4 years here at WCHS.  Dillion racked up a total of 1,973 total passing yards during this year’s season and 42 rushing yards. Dillon had 18 passing touchdowns and 2 rushing touchdowns.  

Dillion has been putting in a lot of work to get himself to this point and it wasn’t easy.  Countless hours of hard work and dedication went into the sport he loves and enjoys to play.  Dillon said, “Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be a [quarterback] and I’ve done everything from personal training, to 9 workouts a week to get my body ready for that position and for this type of competition.”  Dillon has been playing football for 12 years, since the 1st grade. Since the moment he knew where he wanted to be and started working for it, Dillon knew nothing would stop him or get in the way of getting what he wanted. “I knew when I started working for it, that nothing would stop me,” said Dillon.   

Dillon was contacted by the Blue-Grey Football Player Personnel Director, Mr. Sean Ceglinsky, over the phone. Mr. Ceglinsky explained how he was impressed with Dillon’s combine and that he would receive a notice in the mail.  “I was stunned when I found out. I really had no idea it was coming and it was one of the craziest moments of my life,” said Dillon.

Dillon has been working really hard for this and hopes to get the opportunity to show he’s not just a quarterback and get a chance to get to play college football.  This is a very high honor for Dillon and the school and he deserves all of our support. Tune in Dec. 17 at 2:30 p.m. on ESPN 3 and watch Dillon make the school and district proud as he plays in Dallas!