The Pirate’s Crew


courtesy of Kylan Berry

Seniors Jeffrey McGraw, James Hall, Ryan Brown, Tristan Dillon, Mykale Lillard and Kylan Berry.

Gary Buckner

Teamwork. Determination. Patience. Commitment. Respect. This is what it takes to build a team. Will this year’s new basketball lineup utilize these qualities in hopes of an eventful season?

High school basketball season is right around the corner and WCHS is ready to face it head on with some new faces. With a new varsity head coach, Anthony Parker, and senior transfer students Jeffrey McGraw, Ryan Brown and James Hall, the Pirates are looking forward to make this season one to remember. They’re ready to prove themselves for the season opener, at home, early this December.

Team chemistry determines how well the players bond and communicate on and off the court. The Pirates have a growing chemistry according to senior Kylan Berry.  “At first our chemistry wasn’t good because we didn’t know each other, but now it’s gotten better.” For several of the starters, this is their first season playing together. There hasn’t been much conflict over starting positions as the players are still building chemistry, but Coach Parker is still making final decisions on on who will start.

The Pirates’ performance will also be something to look out for this season. Compared to last year’s team, Berry feels that this year they have “more energy.”  The team has good potential and Berry went on to say that he is positive they will win at least 11 games.

Senior Jaden Hutchins said WCHS plans to put on a show for this upcoming season. “This year’s going to be way different, way better.” There’s nothing but positive vibes coming from the players who are walking into this season with high hopes.

The season starts on Dec. 4 when the Pirates take on Franklin High School at home. This will be the Pirate’s first test, giving them the opportunity to officially execute as a team.

WCHS is looking forward to many good games this season but one in particular is really catching the attention of the Pirates. On Dec. 7, the boys will play Trotwood at home. This game should be a close one according to Hutchins and coincidentally McGraw, Brown and Hall will be starting against their old team in this classic game.

      The team is equipped with great patience and commitment. Respecting their new coach and teammates, the Pirates are well-motivated and determined to catch “W” this season.