Seniors are headed out


Seniors Melayna Melton, Jordan Ma, Janae Applin, and Tempest Arnold are out and about taking pictures for senior superlatives. This is a farewell tradition to mark seniors that stand out in among their peers to recieve recognition.

Owen Cox, Staff Writer

WCHS seniors are going places! Seniors are rounding out their last high school year at WCHS and have chosen what colleges they will attend in the upcoming year.

Seniors Noah Matin, Noah Weber, and Abrielle Medcalf hard at work on their last articles for the senior edition of the paper. This senior specific article will be a great end to their senior year as journalism staff.

Senior Tristan Dillon said he is going to Tiffin University to pursue History Education and further his athletic career. Dillon said that he chose his college based on his current financial situation and due to Tiffin’s overwhelming sense of victory in athletics. Dillon also said he wishes he’d known he was pursuing an athletic and teaching career sooner so he could focus more on it throughout his high school career. Maybe it is good advice to underclassmen to figure out what you are doing now and pursue it early to provide a jump on the curb of your education.

Sinclair is a popular choice for many WCHS graduates. Sinclair seems to be the best option for WCHS seniors who are looking for a more affordable, yet amazing, education. At an affordable $116.03 per credit hour and close enough to stay at home, Sinclair is the place to be for many WCHS grads.

In conclusion, you will find WCHS students all over the country. Hannah Taulbee in Kentucky, Macy Patton and Mikayla Lewallen in Tennessee, or Karmen Stevens in North Carolina; but most are staying right at home to get a great education. No matter where the Pirates end up, WCHS is where it all began for them.