Dulce Flores

WC Prom Prep 2023

It’s that time of year when prom is right around the corner, prom is an exciting time for most students. Prom is something most students wait for and plan for with excitement. For prom to happen there have to be people working on it. This year, the teachers in charge are Mrs.Oller, Ms.Darrah, and the juniors. Only juniors get to participate in the planning of prom. Juniors are in charge of everything; choosing the place, invitation cards, and the decorations/theme. The teachers are in charge of all the paperwork and making sure everything gets paid for. The students took full control over everything for prom preparation. Those who participated in the making of the prom will do an amazing job and will be working hard for everything to look good, so thank you to those juniors.  Prom will be held at Top Of The Market (32 Webster St. Dayton. OH 45402) on Friday, May 5th, 2023 at 8 pm. That day the teachers and students that participated will be having the day off to go set up the decorations and make sure that everything is going to be perfect. Therefore, if this sounds interesting to you, you can participate next year if you are old enough. All juniors and seniors will be leaving early that day as well to get all ready for the exciting night. This year they did limit who you can take and how many tickets sold. Inside Scoop, Ms.Darrah said they will have a better DJ this year. To all the people going, I hope everyone has a great time and enjoys this year’s prom.