Field Day: Time and Details

Jacob Pecore

The field day for this year has been officially revealed, with many activities to do! The day itself, May 9th, will have the entire latter half of the day taken up by the event, and will have games such as cornhole. However, there are restrictions on access to the event, such as needing perfect attendance(excused hours don’t count) and needing to pass all classes for the quarter. There is another requirement, being no AEP’s or suspensions for the entire year.

This event has been missing from prior years due to COVID, however, is planned to continue with this school year. Previously, the day was only going to take up 4th period but has been moved to 12:30 to the end of the school day. Not much of the event itself has been directly stated publicly, but it is known to be a great time to socialize with friends and to enjoy the rest of the day outside!

Source: Broadcast News