Student of the Month: Sydney Green

Junior Sydney Green is our first Student of the Month for this year. Congrats Sydney!


Junior Sydney Green is our first Student of the Month for this year. Congrats Sydney!

Emily Norman, Editor in Chief

Every issue, The Hook staff asks WCHS teachers to nominate students for the role of Student of the Month. A Student of the Month is someone who is leader in and out of the classroom. Also, they should be someone who looks forward to coming to class and who is willing to learn.

The first Student of the Month for the 2015-2016 school year is junior Sydney Green. Green has been very involved in many clubs and sports here at the high school.

She was surprised when she was told she’s student of the month, “I feel like I’m student of the month because I’m involved in a lot of things and I’m taking a lot of college classes.” Some of the classes Green is taking her junior year include College Algebra 3,  APES, College American History, College Spanish 4, College American Literature, Drama and her favorite, Yearbook.

Along with all those classes, she is a soccer player for the high school, a co-editor of the yearbook, a member of NHS, JLD, improv club and is in the fall play. Techniques she uses to keep up with her grades include studying for tests and writing thorough notes.

When asked what teacher has made the most impact on her high school career, she said it is Mrs.Earl. “Mrs.Earl is my coach, and teaches yearbook and digital design. She has helped me a lot and a good person to talk to.”

Mrs.Earl added, “Sydney just became a co-editor for the Yearbook and has taken on an incredible leadership role within our staff. She stays after school and works diligently to make sure the entire staff is caught up with their duties. Sydney will step up for any and all tasks that need to be accomplished for the yearbook. She is very helpful to the other students in the class and is always leading with a positive and cheerful attitude.” Mrs. Earl also said, “Sydney has taken on the role of mentor to many students by simply helping anyone as she sees fit and is an incredibly positive and school spirited student. She will make up for the shortcomings of others but help those who are failing along the way.”

Green’s plans for college are to become a forensic anthropologist at an out-of-state college, preferably The George Washington University.